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Ever since our humble beginnings in 1970, almost 50 years ago, Rumag skilt og reklame have gained a lot of leverage in the field of signage. The immense number of projects have all of them been a part of our learning process. We have a leading position with an expertise within safety and information signage. On and offshore we deliver complete project solutions for big and small clients.

Signage and décor is a vast product range and the possibilities for variations are many. We provide almost any solution available on the market and strive to be the preferred supplier of signage, banners, flag, rollups, vehicle wrapping and window graphics. No projects are too small or big.

Being a partner of a Sign alliance also makes us more fit for any project.


Freestanding column or wall-mounted LED sign? We have a wide variety of solutions and signage systems that can withstand the west coast weather or blend into interior details.

To find the best solution, both technical finesse and choice of materials must achieve a high level of readability. Budget and regulatory considerations should also comply.

With decades of experience we have the right kind of expertise needed to find the right solution for any project. We also make concept and design sketches to visualize the result.

Whatever you need to be more visible – a typical LED sign, banner or arena signage – we look forward to hearing from you.

Some signage needs to be approved by the local municipality. We can also help with application for approval when this is needed.

We have a wide variety of solutions and signage systems that can withstand the west coast weather or blend into interior details.


Adhesive film has a wide area of use both indoors and outdoors. Whether in terms of upgrading the office space or complying to HSE regulations, adhesive film is likely the best and most cost-efficient solution.

With different kind of qualities, it can be wither printed or contour cut for pure decorative purposes or used in combination with the general signage and company profiling. Note that it can be mounted on almost any surface.

In our office we have many of the different solutions on display. We welcome you to come and have a look for a better understanding of what we can offer.

Not sure what would be the best solution for your premises? Feel free to stop by our office – we have a variety of solutions on display.

Car and Vehicle Wrapping

Vinyl wrapping film for the company car is a cost-efficient advertising venue. In traffic or parked on the neighborhood sidewalk the market reach is potentially very big and the cost is low.

The vinyl can be contour cut or printed and together we will tailor a design fit for any marketing campaign.

There is a wide variety of qualities and textures. We provide only the highest quality wrapping film available. Some of the brands might be familiar, like 3M, Oracal and Avery to mention a few.


We completed our first offshore project as early as 1980. Since then Rumag have gone from delivering safety signage to the Norwegian offshore industry to becoming a preferred supplier of safety signage world wide.

With extensive experience in signage we deliver a complete package from engineering to installation, according to rules and regulations in any given country.

Our product range complies to different standards around the world and the quality is fit for a long life offshore. The different solutions can also be adapted to any language.

With constructional changes you might also want to upgrade the safety signage. With qualified personnel we offer surveys to detect where and what has to be done to maintain correct signage according to law and regulations.

At demand we also engineer complete signage systems together with necessary drawings and documentation.

We do it properly!


We have proudly achieved ISO certification on quality through ISO Standard 9001:2015. The certification is done by BSI and our certification number is: FM 663865.
Our certification on environment is just as important. To comply to ISO standard 14001:2015 we have created routines for a more sustainable operation.


Rumag are committed to use Eco-friendly alternatives without compromising on quality to achieve or goals on sustainability.


Quality should always be the foundation which our operation is built upon. Customer care and exceptional service creates happy clientele and happy clientele creates a good workspace. With ISO as a part of our system we are continuously developing a culture where our ultimate goal is 100% positive customer feedback.


With a systematical approach to our HSE routines we aim to always improve. The work we put down to create a good HSE platform will have a positive effect on all employees and their relation to the work place.

Wellbeing at work

To be able to reach our goals we need motivated, engaging, and qualified coworkers. Working as a team, while also allowing each individual to influence, we consider to be important.


All our employees shall follow and live up to the ethical standards we have at Rumag. These are based on Norwegian as well as international regulations.

What have we done?

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Rumag have the right kind of expertise and solutions for any project. We look forward to hearing from you.